Merchant Accounts for Nutraceuticals

Why We Proudly Accept Nutraceuticals Businesses
(Even When Many Processors Don’t)

Many credit card processors do not accept nutraceuticals businesses, for two primary reasons: (1) The industry is regulated. Nutraceuticals businesses are regulated by the US government, and cannot make certain promises about their products without having supporting clinical trials. Reviewing a nutra merchant account application for compliance with these regulations requires extra underwriting due diligence by the credit card processor. (2) Nutraceuticals businesses are vulnerable to high chargeback ratios. While most nutra businesses maintain happy long-term customers, they are vulnerable to high rates of chargebacks, particularly when using subscription-based models. This poses significant financial risks to the credit card processor. For these two reasons, many merchant services providers simply decline to work with the nutraceuticals industry altogether.

Beyond Bancard, by contrast, has been proud to consistently accept nutraceuticals businesses since it’s founding. Our extensive relationships with credit card processors capable of underwriting regulated industries like nutra, along with our integration of simple to use chargeback and fraud prevention technology, uniquely position Beyond Bancard to be able to offer affordable and stable merchant accounts for the nutraceuticals industry.

What types of nutraceuticals businesses do you accept?

We offer merchant accounts for a wide array of sub-industries related to nutraceuticals, these include: dietary supplements, food additives, vitamins, minerals, herbs or other botanicals, herbal products, extracts, concentrates, cosmeceuticals, beauty and cosmetic products, and other products supporting the structure or function of the body.