Enabling Business Transactions from Anywhere.

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Accept Payments On-the-Go
EMV Quick Chip for fast chip transactions

Unlock Savings and Embrace Mobility

Mobile Payment Solutions Redefining Convenience and Cost Efficiency.

Contactless Payments

EMV Quick Chip

Simply use your Smart-Phone's WIFI

Beyond Bancard Offers Flexible Solutions

NFC payments including Apple Pay & Google Pay
Paper & Paperless Receipts
View Sales Transactions and Business Reports
Swipe, dip, or tap. Credit or debit.


Effortless Payments, Enhanced Convenience: Accept Major Credit and Debit Cards Safely and Swiftly with our Tap-and-Pay Solutions.

Gas Stations
Live Events
Smoke Shops
Mobile Services
Live Events
Accept All Types of payments via WIFI
User Friendly Interface
Available for iOS and Android
Sync with other Clover Devices


Clover is a flexible point-of-sale software with many hardware options that provide the most powerful solutions in the industry.

Mobile Services
Delivery Services
DPAXBiz Powered by Android
5″ IPS Touchscreen
2″ Thermal Printer, 80mm/sec

PAX A920

A strikingly beautiful and ergonomically designed terminal, this SmartMobile delivers elegance, style, and security to every payment experience.

Gas Stations
Live Events
Mobile Services
Countertop POS
Ethernet & Wi-Fi
Signature Capture
Large Scale Touch Screen Display

The Ultimate Countertop Solution

Experience the future of payments with VP100, the innovative countertop solution featuring a user-friendly display and cutting-edge features.

Gas Stations

Industry Specific Services

Mobile Mechanic
You can securely process payments on the spot.
Receive payments immediately, eliminating the need to wait for checks.
Food Trucks
By offering flexible payment options, you can attract more customers.
Towing services
Protecting both you and your customers' sensitive financial information.

How it Works

Embrace Flexible Payment Methods

Accept Payments Anywhere with Ease Using a Mobile Device, Tablet, or our Convenient Card Reader Attachment.

Mobile Payment Solution

Securely process credit card transactions, whether your business is mobile or your staff works in the field.

Contactless NFC payments

Stay at the Forefront of Payment Technology

Process transactions on your shop floor
or on the go with NFC-enabled cards and mobile payment services including Apple Pay®, Google Pay®, and Samsung Pay®.

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